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Dr. Valentin Belchev


Contact phone

0879 851 557; 0879 853 557



Preobrazhenie Square 1, 1st floor, Sofia - Bulgaria

Information about Dr. Valentin Belchev

Dr. Valentin Belchev /anaesthesiologist and military doctor / has worked for many years in the hospital and in the field of functional medicine.

In MC "DORIS CLINICS", Dr. Belchev leads a team of specialists, dedicated to prevention, treatment and cure with the approach of functional medicine. This is a medicine that looks beyond the symptoms, discovers and focuses on the deep causes of the patient's condition and helps him return to health and find joy in life. Through detoxification, curing intestinal dysbiosis, restoring hormonal balance, supplying the body with the right food, changing the way of thinking and working off stress, the team led by Dr. Belchev helps for overall improvement and healing.

With Functional Medicine, "DORIS CLINICS" works successfully for the prevention of modern diseases, detects in the bud the symptoms that have not yet manifested, prevents their deepening and their transformation into a chronic disease.

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