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After a few days comes your chance to deal with varicose veins without surgery and pain

After a few days comes your chance to deal with varicose veins without surgery and pain

Hundreds of thousands of Bulgarians wake up every morning with pain and heaviness in their legs that follow them throughout the day. For 10,000 men and women, however, the NIGHTMARE called varicose veins is now just a memory. They have regained the joy of moving with ease and cheer as they did before the insidious disease overtook them.

And this is due to a specialist who, over the past twelve years, has become a standard doctor for professionalism and success in the fight against varicose veins in our country.

Dr. Yair Galili is a leading Israeli vascular surgeon who directs the Venous Disease Clinic at the Plague Institute in Tel Aviv. For 20 years now, he has been applying the revolutionary method "Sclerotherapy under ultrasound control with polidocanol" in the treatment of the disease. Grateful patients cured by him are not only here but also in Israel, Romania, Croatia, and the USA.

In Bulgaria, he works in successful partnership with Bulgarian colleagues at Doris Clinics. The treatment of each patient begins after a precise, strictly individual and comprehensive diagnosis in order to reach the root cause of the problems. Doctor Galili's manipulations are non-operative, completely painless, the stay with the doctor lasts minutes.

After the procedure, patients immediately go about their daily tasks. Anyone who visits MC "Doris Clinics" from January 25 to 30, 2024, where Dr. Galili will be waiting for you, can be convinced of this. Before and after these dates, complex echo-doppler diagnostics of the vascular system is performed daily in the clinic in order to prevent and treat serious chronic conditions. Contact numbers and appointments for viewing: 0879851557 и 0879853557.

Maria Janchovska is another patient cured by Dr. Galili.

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