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Center for modern and humane medicine

New ways of treatment with
medical practices from Israel and the USA


Ours offices

In MC "DORIS CLINICS" provides prevention and diagnosis and treatment of certain ailments and diseases.

Functional medicine

Functional medicine is a new medical approach that looks for the deep causes of disease. This new medical practice manages to deal with the health problems of modern man in a much better way.


Angiology is a specialty in medicine that is responsible for the study of blood and lymphatic vessels, their structure, function and diseases, including varicose veins.

Mental health

The state of the brain and mind are critical to everyone's overall health, well-being and success. Our psychiatrists use the methods of functional medicine in their consulting and treatment activities.

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Specialized Center for Israeli and Functional Medicine

At the basis of the treatment of each of its patients, MC "DORIS CLINICS" places the performance of precise, strictly individual and comprehensive diagnostics, with which to reach the root cause of the problems.


Your health is our priority

Quality medical care

At "DORIS CLINICS" we provide high quality medical care for our patients.

Our specialists

Our team of specialists includes proven names in the medical field to ensure high quality care for our patients.

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