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Световноизвестният съдов хирург д-р Яир Галили - представяне

Световноизвестният съдов хирург д-р Яир Галили - представяне
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Световноизвестният съдов хирург д-р Яир Галили - представяне
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Световноизвестният съдов хирург д-р Яир Галили - представяне

Д-р Галили на кафе при Гала
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Д-р Галили на кафе при Гала

Д-р Галили - склерозиране на вени
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Д-р Галили - склерозиране на вени

Д-р Галили - склеротерапия
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Д-р Галили - склеротерапия

About D-r Yair Galili

Dr. Yair Galili is a master physician, specialist vascular surgeon.

In 1988 graduated in medicine from Ben Gurion University, Negev

In 1997 acquired a specialization in ultrasound diagnosis and therapy in General Surgery, Wake Forest University, USA.

In 1998 specializes in General Surgery at Ichilov Hospital, Tel Aviv.

In 2000 acquired a specialty in vascular surgery at Assaf Arofeh Clinic and Tel a Shomer Hospital, Tel Aviv.

In 2002 specializes in Ultrasound-Guided Sclerotherapy at the Clinic for Vascular Diseases, Chicago, USA.

From 2002 until today, he introduced and developed clinical practice in Ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy in several medical centers in Tel Aviv

Clinical experience:

1988-1989 – Clinical internship at Tel a Shomer Hospital, Tel Aviv

1989-1992 - Clinic of Urology, Belinson Hospital, Tel Aviv

1992-1998 – Tel Aviv General Surgery Clinic

1998-2000 - Assaf a Rofe Vascular Surgery Clinic, Tel Aviv

2000-2007 – Senior physician in vascular surgery in Tel a Shomer, Tel Aviv

2005 to present - Head of vascular disease clinic at Mohr Institute, Tel Aviv

2017 to present - Senior Physician in the Department of Vascular Surgery at Wolfson Hospital, Tel Aviv

Professional development and specializations:

1996 – Lecturer in General Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University

1995 to present - lectures on surgery for interns at Tel Aviv Medical University

1999 – instructor of the members of the Medical Examination Committee at Tel Aviv University

He mastered the Sclerotherapy method under ultrasound control during his two-year specialization in the USA.

After that, he practiced this method of treating varicose veins of the lower limbs for more than 18 years, having performed thousands of manipulations around the world - USA, Israel, Bulgaria, Croatia.

In our country, Dr. Galili examines and performs his procedures at the "DORIS CLINIC" Medical Center in the city of Sofia. From 2010 to today, he has helped over 5,000 Bulgarians get rid of the insidious disease. "The most important thing is to locate the painful place, where the problem comes from and which exact section of the vein is diseased and not functioning properly," explains Dr. Galili.

In 2010, the Ministry of Health and the BLS issued the necessary documents giving him the right to practice medicine in Bulgaria.

dr galili diploma.png

Свържете се с нас за безплатна консултация: 
     0879 851 557; 0879 853 557

Dr. Galili is also the author of numerous publications and articles:

B.1. Original Articles

  • E. Paran, Y. Galily, Y. Abu-Rabia, L. Neuma, A. Keynan. Environmental and genetic factors of hypertension in a biracial Beduin population. J Hum Hypertens1992; 6: 107-112.

  • A. Sadeh, E. Mukamel, Y. Galili, B. Nussbaum, U. Regev, C. Servadio. Value of prostatic specific antigen - PSA in determining prostatic cancer. Harefuah 1993;125:69-74.

  • D. Soffer, Y. Galili, N. Nasralla, D. Aladgem, O. Ablai, Y. Kluger. Patterns of injuries and preventive measures for motorcycle accidents. Harefuah 1997; 132:436-438.

  • Y.Galili, M.Rabau. Comparison of polyglycolic acid and polypropylene mesh for rectopexy in the treatment of rectal prolapse. Eur J Surg 1997; 163: 445-448.

  • Y.Galili, Y. Kluger, Z. Mianski, A. Iaina, Y. Volman, S. Marmur, D. Soffer, T. Chernikovsky, J.M. Klausner, M.Y. Rabau. Methylene blue - a promising treatment modality in sepsis induced by bowel perforation. Eur Surg Res 1997; 29:390-395. Galili, R.B. Avraham, J.M. Klausner, M.Y. Rabau, Y. Kluger. Reduction of surgery-induced peritoneal adhesions by methylene blue. Am J Surg 1998; 175:30-32.

  • Y.Galili, R.B. Avraham, A. Weinbroum, S. Marmur, A. Iaina, Y. Volman, G. Peer,

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  • M.Cohen, E.Tamir, s. Abu-Avid, Y. Galili, M. Giladi, S. Avital, R. Shafir, Y.M. Klausner. The diagnosis and treatment of Fournier’s gangrene. Harefuah 1998; 135:360-363.

  • Y. Kluger, Y. Galili, J. Yossiphov, A. Shnaper, G. Goldman, M. Rabau. Model of implantation of tumor cells simulating recurrence in colonic anastomosis in mice. Dis Colon Rectum 1998; 41: 1506-1510.

  • Y. Kluger, D. Soffer, Y. Galili, B. Sagie, D. Aladgem. Testicular vein tear by blunt trauma: anatomical considerations of a rare injury. Eur J Surg 1999; 165: 714-5.

  • Y. Kluger, A. Weinbroum, R. Ben-Avraham, Y. Galili, J. Klausner, M. Rabau. Reduction in formation of peritoneal adhesions by methylene blue in rats: a dose response study. Eur J Surg 2000; 166: 568-571.

  • Rimon U, Garniek A, Golan G, Bensaid P, Galili Y, Schneiderman J, Morag B. Resolved Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms Following Stent Graft Treatment: A Report of Five Cases. Cardiovasc Intervent Radiol. 2004 Jan 28

B.2. Case Reports

  • Nado, Y. Galili, D. Soffer, Y. Kluger. Disruption of cholecystoenteric fistula induced by minor blunt trauma. J of Trauma 1996;41:914-5. B.3. Review Articles

  • Y. Galili , P. Livne, C. Servadio. Cryptorchydism. Family Physician 1991; 2:141-144.

  • Y. Kluger, Y. Galili, D. Soffer. The role of video in trauma quality assurance. Haefuah 1996; 130: 571-572.

  • Y. Galili, A. Halevi, A. Peer, E. Weinmann, D. Chayen, A. Bass. Thromboembolic Technology International 1999; 8: 213-19.

  • Y. Galili, E. Weinmann, A. Bass. Treatment of calf vein thrombosis – has the debate ended? Harefuah 2000; 139: 388-390.

  • Y.Galili, A. Bass. Long distance flights and the risk of venous thromboembolism-areal threat or just another flight hysteria? Isr Med Assoc J. 2002 Nov;4(11):1020

Academic and Professional Awards

- 1996“Intraperitoneal administration of methylene blue in fecal peritonitis in rats” Yair Galili M.D and Yoram Kluger M.D. Israel Trauma Society, Resident Paper Competition – First Place

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