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Treatment of varicose veins

One of the most modern minimally invasive methods for the treatment of varicose veins is applied at the "DORIS CLINIC" MC.

Treatment of varicose veins by sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy under ultrasound control is an innovative method for the treatment of varicose veins. An effective, gentle method, with minimal risk, an alternative to surgery - patients who are not suitable for or afraid of surgical intervention can benefit from this most successful method of treatment.


Treatment of varicose veins
Dr. Yair Galili

The Ultrasound-Controlled Sclerotherapy method is applied in the "DORIS CLINIC" medical center by Dr. Yair Galili. Dr. Galili is a renowned Israeli vascular surgeon with vast experience. He heads the Department of "Venous Diseases" at the Mor Medical Institute in Tel Aviv. He specialized in the USA. He has 20 years of practice with sclerotherapy under Doppler - ultrasound control.

Minimally invasive, bloodless treatment of varicose veins

Patients return to their usual activities on the day of the manipulation. A method with the fewest possible contraindications regarding age and accompanying diseases.

- No anesthesia
- Without pain
- Non-operative
- No hospital stay

Sclerotherapy under ultrasound control is a method with indisputable advantages and a success rate of over 95%. Efficiency significantly higher than classical operating technique, etc. methods.

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