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For cellulite and its permanent removal

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is not only an unsightly looking "orange" skin, but also a symptom of a poorly functioning liver, a signal of the presence of viruses in the body and tired and exhausted adrenal glands. The liver is a unique organ, but too little is known and talked about. In the case of cellulitis, it is the accumulation of dermatotoxins in the liver and the presence of streptococcal bacteria. The combination of these two factors creates this specific skin condition we call cellulite. Massages, movement, sauna, procedures and a suitable diet can affect the temporary and partial improvement of the external expression of the problem, but not lead to a complete and permanent solution.

Such a solution can only be achieved by healing the liver and adrenal glands. There are no miracle pills, creams or treatments that can do the job.

The solution in MC "DORIS CLINICS"

Based on the knowledge of the work of the liver and its long experience, MC "DORIS CLINICS" offers a 9-day or one-month medical drug-free protocol (method) for deep cleansing of this unique organ. The protocol is extremely easy, without starvation or other drastic interventions, absolutely within the power of everyone and without breaking away from daily activities.

With it, we aim to eliminate the viruses, bacteria and toxic waste that the liver has been storing for years, hoping that one day it will have the time and energy to clear them out. Unfortunately, the modern way of life with a lot of stress and eating fatty and harmful foods, sharply reduces the chances of our liver to deal with the vital cleansing. The protocol offered by the clinic saves not only from cellulite and excess fat, but also from many serious conditions and symptoms resulting from a poorly functioning liver. The whole organism begins to work in a different way, the surge of energy and the feeling of rejuvenation are completely real and quickly achievable.

For any questions, those interested can call the clinic's phone numbers or make an appointment for a free consultation regarding their individual condition.

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