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Israeli innovation saves life in severe trauma with bleeding

An Israeli doctor has invented an innovative method to control bleeding in severe internal trauma caused by gunshot and stab wounds, abdominal aortic aneurysm, and in women giving birth. Vascular surgeon Yair Galili, who also practices in our country, is the author of the innovative method, which makes it possible to provide vital first aid to victims of such incidents. The invention helps apply pressure to a severed aorta in the chest or abdomen and works through magnets.

"Paramedics and emergency responders who arrive on an emergency call are well trained enough to be able to place a small magnet through a tube through the mouth to interact with a larger magnetic plate under the back on which the victim is laid. Thus, it is possible to stop the bleeding until the patient arrives at the hospital for adequate treatment", Dr. Galili explained to BTA how his invention works during his next visit to Sofia. In fact, there is a "Bulgarian connection" in this medical innovation - the idea for this method dawned on him during his working visit to our country two years ago.

Dr. Galili has patented his innovative method, which will save lives and be put into practice once investors bring it to mass production and distribution.

The Israeli doctor has been visiting Bulgaria frequently for years, where he has thousands of patients. He treats varicose veins using a once innovative method, which, however, has already been in practice for two or three decades. "The method is safe, painless and bloodless, and this is very important for patients," said the Israeli specialist, who had just finished examining a young patient with varicose veins. She is from a town far from Sofia, but decided to seek the help of the Israeli specialist after recommendations from fellow citizens. The therapy follows a thorough ultrasound examination in which Dr. Galili diagnoses the patient's condition. It often happens that he helps people who have suffered for years, but were treated for completely different conditions. A vein problem is diagnosed quickly by an experienced specialist with Doppler ultrasound, says Dr. Galili. With the device, he also found the absence of vein problems in patients who thought they had a vascular problem and therefore sought the Israeli specialist.

When vein disease is detected, therapy is quick and effective. During the ultrasound examination, the doctor determines the areas with the damaged areas and precisely injects into them a sclerosing preparation in the form of foam. The diseased vein is shrunk and chemically destroyed. The procedure is quick, sometimes patients may experience slight discomfort in the treated area in the following days, which subsides quickly. It doesn't hurt, two or three injections like those for a vaccine, assures the young patient, who calmly and smilingly leaves the doctor's office. He meticulously documents the problem areas, describes the therapy and follows up the condition of each of his patients, who have constant access to medical staff and advice, even when the Israeli doctor is not here.

In Israel, innovation drives society and the economy, and the country is also a leader in the field of healthcare. On the eve of Israel's national holiday, we talk to Dr. Galili about the importance of innovation in people's lives. He is among the Israeli medical specialists and innovators in medicine who also work in Bulgaria. For Bulgarian doctors and specialists in the field of public health, access to the achievements of Israeli medical science was facilitated in 2012, when a cooperation plan was approved between the ministries of health of Bulgaria and Israel in the field of health care and medical science.

Dr. Yair Galili graduated in medicine from Ben Gurion University, specializing in general surgery, vascular surgery and ultrasound diagnostics of veins and arteries. In 2002, he completed a specialization in ultrasound-controlled sclerotherapy at the clinic for vascular diseases in Chicago, USA, which he also applies in our country. Since then, he has introduced and developed the clinical practice of ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy in several medical centers in Israel. In addition to Israel and our country, there are patients in Croatia, Romania, Kazakhstan. In the last two countries, he transferred his experience to local specialists. Sclerotherapy is not his invention, but he has been actively developing and perfecting it in recent years for even greater convenience and benefit to patients.

Any medical method that is appropriate and gentle to the patient should be used, Dr. Galili said. But sometimes if a method or therapy seems difficult for doctors to master, it's even more difficult to gain popularity and widespread use, he adds. The doctor is very willing to take the time to present the exceptional methodology to willing colleagues. He does not exclude the possibility that in time he will devote himself to the mission of training doctors in the specific therapy to which he has dedicated his profession in recent years.


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