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Leg pain - symptom or disease? By Dr. Antoine Spasov

Leg pain - symptoms

Often, when we experience leg pain, we ask ourselves what it could be due to. We should know that these pains can be a symptom of various diseases. Both the young and the elderly experience leg pain. We tend to ignore them, especially when we are tired. But we should know that leg pain may be caused by serious diseases of various systems in our body. If we suffer from a disease that causes leg pain, it is necessary to seek medical help and take serious measures. People suffer from leg pains of varying intensity and location. They can be joint, muscle or bone. The reasons why we may experience pain in our legs are caused by the malfunctioning of various organs in our body. A number of diseases, past traumas, excessive overloads can lead to heaviness and pain in the legs. Among the most common causes are numerous diseases of the cardiovascular system - varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, atherosclerosis. Pain in the legs is also observed in various diseases of the bone system, excretory system - gout, infectious diseases, arthrosis. Many women experience foot pain as a result of prolonged wearing of high and uncomfortable shoes.

It is important to know how to protect yourself from foot pain. And if we already have such complaints, let's find out the cause of them and treat the disease that causes them.

Types of leg pain

Depending on where they are located and how the various leg pains progress, the disease that causes them can often be diagnosed. When the complaints are in the area of ​​the hip joint, they can be caused by sciatica or displacement of the intervertebral discs of the spine. Similar pains in the legs are also observed in various neuropathies, a consequence of alcohol abuse and smoking, diabetes, overweight. Pain in the legs in the area of ​​the knee joint is usually localized only in the knee. Complaints of this nature speak of soft tissue damage, or of overfatigue and overweight. Severe leg pain around the knee can also be caused by deep vein thrombosis. Another reason may be lymphedema - the formation of lymphatic stagnation in the knee area.

Leg pain and calf muscle spasms occur in chronic venous insufficiency and are accompanied by swelling in the knees and feet. Calf pain can also be caused by flat feet. Leg pain in the area of ​​the heel and toes is typical for gout. Sometimes such foot pains are also an indicator of spikes or arthritis. Leg pain often occurs during pregnancy. They are accompanied by swelling due to fluid retention.

Causes of leg pain

What could be the causes of various leg pains? The most common cause is vascular disease and in particular varicose veins. Varicose veins lose their elasticity and do not provide the blood flow with the necessary pressure. With varicose veins, pain in the legs is often observed, usually weak but long-lasting. If you suffer from leg pain not only when you are tired, it could also be due to phlebitis or thrombophlebitis. With this inflammation of the veins, clots form, which can break off and cause blockage of the vessels. Therefore, if you feel severe leg pain in the calf area, swelling and discoloration of the skin, take immediate measures.

Another reason for the appearance of pain in the legs can be diseases of the excretory system. Impairment of kidney function can provoke gout, which is characterized by severe pain in the legs - in the joints of the fingers and less often in other joints. Diseases of the nervous system are also a common cause of leg pain - sciatica, neuritis, neuralgia, a consequence of a stroke. With these diseases, severe pain is felt in the legs, soft tissues are damaged, mobility is impaired. Some bone and joint diseases also cause pain in the legs - arthritis and various arthrosis, spikes, osteoporosis. They have changes in the joints due to inflammatory, degenerative or dystrophic processes. A number of inflammatory processes can also be the cause of leg pain - infections, metabolic disorders, local inflammation of the tendons. Rheumatic inflammations often lead not only to severe pain in the legs, but also to limitation of joint mobility and movement. Various injuries, as well as wearing uncomfortable shoes and heavy loads can be cited as the cause of leg pain.

Leg pain with varicose veins

The most common cause of leg pain is varicose veins. The reason for their appearance is most often the hereditary factor. People prone to this disease need to take preventive measures. The first signal may be pain in the legs. Modern medicine knows many methods to deal with the problem of varicose veins. The method of sclerotherapy under ultrasound control is the latest innovative method. With him, the diagnosis and treatment takes only a few minutes. Varicose veins and accompanying pain in the legs are removed without surgery, without anesthesia, without pain. The recovery period is short, the patient can move immediately after the sclerotherapy. There is no need for a hospital stay, long recovery procedures and breaking away from the daily rhythm. Epika Medical Center is the only place in Bulgaria where this revolutionary method is applied by Israeli vascular surgeon Dr. Yair Galili.

How to help with leg pain?

When you experience pain in your legs, do not wait, but immediately look for the cause of them. Medical center "DORIS CLINICS" works according to the methods of new medicine, which looks at every disease as a complex relationship of the functions of all systems in the human body. The center applies not only the innovative method of sclerotherapy to remove varicose veins, but also various drug-free methods combined with very successful world practices for the treatment of various diseases. If you suffer from leg pain, seek the specialists from the "DORIS CLINICS" Medical Center. They will offer you individual recovery programs and a suitable diet, with the help of which you can eliminate the causes of leg pain. The healing of the whole organism, improving the functions of the liver, detoxification and overall care of the body will eliminate any pain in the legs. "DORIS CLINICS" medical center employs proven specialists in angiology and various diseases who will help you take care of your body

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