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Weight gain - causes and permanent removal

Accumulating unwanted pounds is a sign that our liver has been collecting and storing huge amounts of fat cells for some time. So he has become tired, sluggish, overwhelmed and greasy (even without being diagnosed by an ultrasound examination). It is this condition of his, and not the widely used term "slow metabolism", that is the cause of the weight gain.

Modern medical science is now aware that the liver is responsible for weight problems and their accumulation in various parts of the body. Obese people usually also have problems with the lymph, since it is the lymphatic system that absorbs and stores some of the fat cells that the liver is no longer able to absorb. In MC "DORIS CLINICS" we work with combinations of super-healing foods and herbs that act on the liver as cleansing infusions.

The liver is the filter that gets clogged with waste and toxic products over the years, and if it is not given regular rest and cleaning, it stops working well and performing its hundreds of functions. A poorly functioning, sluggish and fatty liver is the result of congestion with both fat cells and toxic waste, which include: all types of cleaning products, perfumes, deodorants, petroleum products, fumes from gas stations and cars, air fresheners, pesticides and herbicides, toxic heavy metals such as mercury, aluminum, copper, unprocessed and stagnant drugs and antibiotics. Overwhelmed with so many pollutants and poisons, the liver loses its ability to function properly. If it is not cleansed of toxins and revitalized, it will continue to accumulate unnecessary and unprocessed waste and thus further deteriorate both its condition and that of the entire organism.

The drug-free medical protocols of MC "DORIS CLINICS" are created to purify this organ and restore its ability to perform all its functions, including some life-saving ones.

People today suffer from numerous symptoms and conditions, mostly the result of modern lifestyles and diets. The proportions of diseases such as: diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol, cardiovascular problems, depression, anxiety, insomnia, so-called autoimmune diseases, cancer, etc., are pandemic. For every 1,000 people, 900 (children and adults) have reduced liver functions and numerous pathogens and viruses in it: from Epstein-Barr, herpes zoster, human herpes virus 6 and 7, cytomegalovirus to bacteria such as strep and E. Coli. These viruses feed on fat and toxins, multiply and cause a number of disease states. It is becoming increasingly clear to doctors that without cleansing the liver of them, we cannot expect good health and strong immunity. That is why medicine is working hard to cleanse the liver, heal it and restore its ability to perform its duties and support the health of the entire organism.

The liver healing protocols are based on a combination of super healing foods and herbs. With their help, fat cells stored in the liver literally melt, fat deposits are broken down and thrown out of the body. The place of toxic waste is immediately taken by the important vitamins, enzymes and trace elements that these foods are abundant in.

The medical team of the Liver Healing Program at DORIS CLINIC Medical Center prepares individualized treatment based on the overall medical picture and symptoms of the patients. Treatment results are tracked and analyzed after the first 9 days and after the end of the first month. If a longer healing process is needed, new diagnoses are made every month and additional treatment protocols are drawn up. The results of this approach are felt from the very first days, and the power of proven knowledge turns patients into lifelong masters of their health and happiness.

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